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New Catalog:2019 Section 2

2019,Vol.46(2):0.  [Abstract]  [PDF (322k)]
Meng Jianyu, Zhang Huili, Lin Linghong, Huang Hongyang and Gao Sanji
Research advances in sugarcane leaf scald disease and its causal agent Xanthomonas albilineans
2019,Vol.46(2):257.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3619k)]
Research Articles
Ma Yutong, Liu Taiguo, Wen Caiyi, Liu Bo, Gao Li and Chen Wanquan
Determination and contamination of Fusarium mycotoxins in different wheat planting regions of China
2019,Vol.46(2):266.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2470k)]
Zhang Yi, Ma Hongzhen, Li Xing, Dong Zhengwei, Liu Xiang and Li Chengwei
Phylogenetic analysis, identification and marker genes screening of wheat take-all fungus in Henan Province
2019,Vol.46(2):274.  [Abstract]  [PDF (9723k)]
Li Qiang, Shen Xuexue, Yang Jinye, Wu Lei, Shao Yujuan and Wang Baotong
Virulence and genetic diversity of Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici collected from Shaanxi Province
2019,Vol.46(2):282.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1643k)]
Kang Yanping, Lei Yong, Wan Liyun, Huai Dongxin, Yan Liying and Liao Boshou
Study on genetic diversity of bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum in peanut in Yangtze River Valley and southern China
2019,Vol.46(2):291.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2617k)]
Chen Ling, Zhao Qian, Dong Kun, Yang Zhixian and Dong Yan
Physiological mechanism of faba bean Fusarium wilt promoted by benzoic acid and cinnamic acid
2019,Vol.46(2):298.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2570k)]
Guo Cheng, Zhang Xiaojie, Zhang Youfu, Wang Chunming, Zhou Tianwang and Li Minquan
Isolation, identification, antagonistic effect and biological characteristics of Trichoderma brevicompactum strain GAS 1-1
2019,Vol.46(2):305.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3251k)]
Zhou Mengmeng, Tian Libo, Shang Sang, Zou Kaixi, Pan Qiongyu and Zeng Liping
Identification of powdery mildew physiological races and genetic resistance analysis of bitter melon to the disease
2019,Vol.46(2):313.  [Abstract]  [PDF (4370k)]
Xue Desheng, Li Baohua, Lian Sen, Liang Wenxing and Wang Caixia
Identification and biological characteristics of the pathogen Pestalotiopsis clavispora causing blueberry leaf spot
2019,Vol.46(2):323.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3065k)]
Geng Lihua, Gong Guoyi, Song Shunhua, Xu Xiulan, Wu Ping and Meng Shuchun
Identification and control of seed-borne pathogen of watermelon wilt disease
2019,Vol.46(2):330.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1763k)]
Song Lisha, Zeng Guiping, Ren Jing, Si Shifei, Zhao Zhi and Li Zhong
Identification and biological characteristics of the pathogen causing leaf brown spot of Chinese ground orchid Bletilla striata in Guizhou Province
2019,Vol.46(2):337.  [Abstract]  [PDF (6417k)]
Liu Yu, Wei Caixia, Zhou Shixing, Tang Jieshi, Han Caixia and Shao Hua
Identification of pathogenic fungi causing leaf spot of Malus sieversii and Impatiens brachycentra growing in the wild fruit forest of Tianshan Mountain
2019,Vol.46(2):345.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2606k)]
Li Fang, Deng Jie, Guo Yan'e, Gao Ping, Li Yanzhong and Duan Tingyu
Influence of interactions between grass endophyte and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and leaf spot disease of perennial ryegrass
2019,Vol.46(2):352.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1786k)]
Zhi Xiaoyan, Li Rui, Yang Chun and Cao Hui
Antifungal activity of the extracts from fructus kochiae against apple canker pathogen Valsa mali and their impacts on the cell structure and function
2019,Vol.46(2):362.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1876k)]
Yuan Susu, Qin Wusa and Ye Xiujuan
Purification, stability and antifungal mechanism of antifungal protein SU1 from Brassica juncea var. multisecta seeds
2019,Vol.46(2):369.  [Abstract]  [PDF (5623k)]
Wang Hancheng, Li Licui, Zhang Zhifan, Zhou Hao, Cai Liuti and Yu Zhihe
Toxicity of four fungicides against fungus Botrytis cinerea in tobacco and their inhibition effects against tobacco gray mold
2019,Vol.46(2):377.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1404k)]
Wang Wenqiao, Han Xiuying, Wu Jie, Zhao Jianjiang, Meng Runjie and Lu Fen
Resistance of Pseudoperonospora cubensis to fluopicolide and control efficacy of conventional fungicides against cucumber downy mildew in Hebei and Shandong provinces, China
2019,Vol.46(2):385.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1412k)]
Yan Pingmei, Wei Aili, Qiao Hongping, Zhao Wenjing, Cao Aocheng and Li Yuan
Influences of fumigation with metham-sodium on soil denitrification and nirS denitrifying bacterial community structure
2019,Vol.46(2):393.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3701k)]
Wu Jiayao, Mei Qianqian, Wu Yongchao, Cheng Jiagao, Li Zhong and Xu Zhiping
Toxicity of the new neonicotinoid insecticide cycloxaprid on groundnut aphid Aphis craccivora and its degradation and transformation in A. craccivora and rice plants
2019,Vol.46(2):401.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2373k)]
Xu Dejin, Xu Guangchun, Xu Xiaolong, Xu Lu, Gu Zhongyan and Qiu Baijing
Influence of spray nozzle and spray volume on pesticide deposition and control effect in rice
2019,Vol.46(2):409.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3612k)]
Chen Long, Tan Yao, Zhou Xiaorong, Pang Baoping, Shan Yanmin and Zhang Zhuoran
Molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of the heat shock protein gene GdHsp10a in Galeruca daurica (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
2019,Vol.46(2):417.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3730k)]
Zhu Yuan, Wang Mengxin, Cui Lin, Shen Ziyao, Zhou Jiansong and Han Baoyu
Analysis of resistance of two elite Chrysanthemum morifolium cultivars to three species of aphids using EPG techniques and their potential resistant substances
2019,Vol.46(2):425.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2058k)]
Shi Xia, Ai Yingting, Shi Ruizhu, Zhang Minzhao, Wang Haixiang and Du Yanli
Oviposition selection and behavioral tendency of yellow peach moth Conogethes punctiferalis (Guenée) to Penicillium-inoculated apples
2019,Vol.46(2):434.  [Abstract]  [PDF (9341k)]
He Yingqin, Zhao Runa, Chen Wenlong, Cai Lin, Niu Suzhen and Ding Wei
Influence of Potato virus Y-infected tobacco on feeding behaviour of green peach aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) and on Aphidius gifuensis Ashmead adaptability
2019,Vol.46(2):443.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2317k)]
Tian Chunyu, Hou Yangyang, Zang Liansheng and Ruan Changchun
Rearing Trichogramma ostriniae on the eggs of Chinese oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi through multiparasitism with Trichogramma dendrolimi
2019,Vol.46(2):451.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1349k)]
Wang Qianqian, Zhang Weiguang, Tian Tian, Wang Xiaoyi, Zhou Chenggang and Yin Shuyan
Predation of Cinara cedri by Harmonia axyridis
2019,Vol.46(2):458.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1762k)]
Zhu Rui, Guo Jianjun, Yi Tianci, Xiao Rong and Jin Daochao
Preying potential of predatory mite Neoseiulus californicus to broad mite Polyphagotarsonemus latus
2019,Vol.46(2):465.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1765k)]
Gao Xingxiang, Li Mei, Fang Feng and Li Jian
Species composition and characterization of weed communities in rice-wheat rotation area in Huang-Huai-Hai Region
2019,Vol.46(2):472.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1421k)]
Zhuang Jiawen, Zhang Zheng and Qiang Sheng
Weed communities in rice fields in Zhejiang Province
2019,Vol.46(2):479.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2545k)]
Wu Wenna, Zhao Ying, Wang Huimin, Chen Yaoyao, Hao Zhimin and Dong Jingao
Establishment and analysis of the transposon mutant library of maize endophytic YY1 strain
2019,Vol.46(2):489.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1569k)]
Yang Congjun
Determination of antagonistic activity of eight endophytic bacteria from tomato against 12 plant pathogenic fungi
2019,Vol.46(2):491.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1215k)]
Yin Xiangtian, Yang Liying, Xu Liang, Gao Huanhuan, Wang Yongmei and Wu Xinying
Identification of pathogenic fungi causing grape cluster rot
2019,Vol.46(2):493.  [Abstract]  [PDF (5340k)]
Guo Yan, Li Xiaoyu, Su Ying, Zhang Chunyu, Zhou Xueping and Wang Yongzhi
Establishment of RT-PCR and ELISA detection methods for Onion yellow dwarf virus
2019,Vol.46(2):495.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1603k)]
Tang Wei, Li Fan, Gao Rui, Li Honggang, Lin Yanru and Xu Xiaohui
Cloning and analysis of the complete genomic sequence of Iris severe mosaic virus Tai'an isolate
2019,Vol.46(2):497.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2086k)]
Liu Qian, Gao Huanhuan, Liu Sha, Zhai Yifan, Wei Guoshu and Yu Yi
A comparative study on the phototaxis behaviors of Drosophila suzukii and D. melanogaster
2019,Vol.46(2):499.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1887k)]
Zhou Xianhong, Cao Xue, Zhuang Qianying, Yu Yi, Zhang Sicong and Zhang Ansheng
Treatment threshold of Chinese chive gnat Bradysia odoriphaga larvae in Shouguang, Shandong Province
2019,Vol.46(2):501.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1219k)]

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