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New Catalog:2019 Section 4

2019,Vol.46(4):0.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Research Articles
Si Erjing, Zhang Yu, Meng Yaxiong, Li Baochun, Ma Xiaole and Wang Huajun
Molecular mapping of a gene for resistance to barley leaf stripe
2019,Vol.46(4):723.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Song Guangmei, Xu Ying, Zhang Zhuoqun, Chen Yufei, Jia Mengzhen and Wen Jingzhi
Effects of non-host and host seed exudates on the activity of oomycete pathogen Phytophthora sojae
2019,Vol.46(4):730.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Huang Xiande, Wang Yu, Yan Zhiyong, Geng Chao, Tian Yanping and Li Xiangdong
Screening and application of attenuated mutants of Papaya ringspot virus-watermelon strain
2019,Vol.46(4):738.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Wu Weiwen, He Zhen, Liu Xian and Li Liangjun
Identification and genetic diversity analysis of Odontoglossum ring spot virus in Cymbidium ensifolium in Jiangsu Province
2019,Vol.46(4):745.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Wang Hancheng, Guo Hua, Cai Lin, Yu Jing, Cai Liuti and Ding Wei
Effects of different osmolity and pH conditions on the pathogenicity of Ralstonia solanacearum in tobacco leaves
2019,Vol.46(4):754.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Li Xinshen, Xiao Yunping, Huang Ruirong, Wei Lingen, Wang Ruiqing and Hua Juling
Effects of bacterial wilt on the growth and yield traits of sesame
2019,Vol.46(4):762.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Bai Rui, Li Ning, Chen Huilin, Liu Shaojun, Chen Xiaomin and Zou Haiping
Influences of atmospheric circulation index and surface meteorological elements on the rubber tree powdery mildew in Hainan Province
2019,Vol.46(4):770.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Jin Mengjun, Li Shanshan, Tian Wenbo, Yang Chengde and Wang Yuqin
Screening, identification and detection of growth-promoting antagonistic endophytic bacteria from Carex moorcroftii in alpine grassland
2019,Vol.46(4):779.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Zhang Jiaxing, Dai Dejiang, Liu Yahui, Chen Yi, Shen Yao and Zhang Chuanqing
Identification of the pathogen causing the leaf blight of Dendranthema morifolium and its resistance mechanism to carbendazim
2019,Vol.46(4):787.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Li Suping, Feng Xiao, Zhu Yunyun, Li Yong, Wang Wenqiang and Yang Hongjun
Analysis of the control effect of biocontrol fungus strain Bjerkandera adusta M-1 on wheat seedling scab and its physiological and biochemical mechanism
2019,Vol.46(4):795.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Lu Xiuyun, Li Baoqing, Zhang Xiaoyun, Guo Qinggang, Ma Ping and Li Shezeng
Screening, identification and evaluation of biocontrol bacteria against cotton boll blight
2019,Vol.46(4):805.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Liu Lin, Wang Qiang, Ruan Renwen, Zhang Rui, Wang Jing and Fan Shuying
Suppression mechanism of the ethanol extracts from Brassica juncea against the pathogen of watermelon Fusarium wilt
2019,Vol.46(4):816.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Zhang Jie, Xia Mingcong, Liu Hongyan, Zhang Meng, Mi Guoquan and Yang Lirong
Efficacy of dazomet fumigation and bioorganic fertilizer in integrated control of cucumber root-knot nematode
2019,Vol.46(4):824.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Gao Xingxiang, Zhang Yueli, Li Mei, Fang Feng and Li Jian
Adaptability of gramineous weeds Aegilops tauschii, Alopecurus myosuroides and Lolium multiflorum to different types of soil
2019,Vol.46(4):832.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Liu Yanhong, Yan Yu, Wang Shengyin, Song Yue and Liu Tongxian
Effects of the secondary endosymbiont Serratia symbiotica in Myzus persicae on host defense against parasitoids and heat stress
2019,Vol.46(4):840.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Hu Jun, Fu Li, Zhang Bin, Liu Yanhong, Jia Dong and Ma Ruiyan
Identification of odorant-binding proteins and their expression in the antennae of alligator weed flea beetle Agasicles hygrophila
2019,Vol.46(4):849.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Wang Lunji, Ren Lina, Li Jingjing, Zhang Min and Jiu Min
Differential physiological and biochemical responses of tobacco plants to the feeding by tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci and the co-infection with Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus
2019,Vol.46(4):860.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Ma Yue, Zhao Lina, Bai Qingrong, Wang Jing, Ruan Changchun and Zang Liansheng
Parasitism and suitability of Trichogramma dendrolimi on the gray eggs of Chinese oak silkworm Antheraea pernyi
2019,Vol.46(4):868.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Huo Zhijia, Zhou Xiaorong, Tan Yao, Pang Baoping, Shan Yanmin and Zhang Zhuoran
Molecular cloning and expression analysis of small heat shock protein gene GdHsp20.6 under temperature stress in Galeruca daurica (Celeoptera: Chrysomelidae)
2019,Vol.46(4):874.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Xia Tingting, Xu Wei, Li Xuan, Cui Juan and Shi Shusen
Influence factors of cocooning time of soybean pod borer Leguminivora glycinivorella larvae and its effects on adaptive capacity in cold environments
2019,Vol.46(4):885.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Zhai Hao, Wang Dan, Ma Yanan, Jia Xiaoman, Zhang Yong and Li Xiaojun
Trapping effects of sugar-acetic acid-ethanol water solutions on yellow peach moth Conogethes punctiferalis in peach and apple orchards
2019,Vol.46(4):894.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Bian Lei, Cai Xiaoming and Chen Zongmao
Effects of light-emitting diode light traps with a suction fan on the population dynamics of the tea leafhopper Empoasca onukii (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) within the effective distance
2019,Vol.46(4):902.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Bi Shoudong, Zhang Shuping, Yu Yan, Wang Zhenxing, Li Shang and Zou Yunding
Assessment of the dominant species of natural enemies of the smaller green leafhopper Empoasca vitis in the tea garden in Anhui Province
2019,Vol.46(4):910.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Chen Hongfan, Liang Yuyong, Cheng Zhengxin, Wan Peng, Wang Xuming and Zhong Dashi
Stability evaluation of rice field ecosystems using multiple regression analysis
2019,Vol.46(4):918.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Cui Xiaopeng, Shi Juan, Wang Haixiang, Liu Yonghua and Yu Hao
Predicting potential geographical distribution of red turpentine beetle Dendroctonus valens in China based on MaxEnt model
2019,Vol.46(4):925.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Song Xiaohe, Li Yankai and Li Qing
Diversity of endophytic fungi in the seeds of three wheat cultivars resistant to stripe rust
2019,Vol.46(4):927.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Lei Cuiyun, Lou Binghai, Song Yaqin, Chen Aijun, He Jianjun and Liu Ping
Development of a PCR detection method for leaf spot pathogen Pseudocercospora vitis
2019,Vol.46(4):929.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Wang Yingli, Wang Qin, Liu Yingjie, Yang Zhen, Li Xueyan and Zhou Yan
Establishment and application of a quantitative PCR assay for the detection of Citrus chlorotic dwarf-associated virus
2019,Vol.46(4):931.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Sun Ronghua, Lu Guangliang and Wang Zhangxun
Identification of the pathogen caused trunk canker of red emperor maple Acer plamatum in Shanghai
2019,Vol.46(4):933.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Liu Yuanyuan, Mu Hongxiang, Pang Jiushuai and Li Huiping
The methods for inducing a large number of pycnidia of Botryosphaeria dothidea
2019,Vol.46(4):935.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Hu Guojun, Dong Yafeng, Zhang Zunping, Fan Xudong and Ren Fang
Identification of Grapevine virus A and Grapevine virus B by using nested reverse transcription-polymerase polymerase chain reaction
2019,Vol.46(4):937.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Wu Jingbo, Zhan Rulin, Liu Feng, Chang Jinmei, He Yanbiao and Zhao Yanlong
Pathogen identification of pitaya rusty spot disease
2019,Vol.46(4):939.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]
Li Geng, Lü Xiaoxi, Wang Chunyu, Wu Tong and Zhao Changshan
Resistance of paddy weed Schoenoplectus juncoides to propyrisulfuron in rice fields of part area of Heilongjiang Province and its molecular resistance mechanism
2019,Vol.46(4):941.  [Abstract]  [PDF (0k)]

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