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New Catalog:2022 Section 2

2022,Vol.49(2):0.  [Abstract]  [PDF (68769k)]

2022,Vol.49(2):0.  [Abstract]  [PDF (327k)]
SHI Jun-xia, WANG Chao-nan, ZHOU Jun-xian, JIANG Fan, ZHU Shui-fang, LI Zhi-hong
Research advances in vertical transmission of plant viruses in vector insects
2022,Vol.49(2):439.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2051k)]
GAO Xue-min, JI Rong
Advances in high-temperature tolerance of locusts and its mechanism
2022,Vol.49(2):450.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1548k)]
LUO Jin-yan, WU Zhi-feng, XIE Ting, CHEN Lei, DU Wei, LI Bin
Research progresses on genetic diversity and detection technology of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus
2022,Vol.49(2):460.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1868k)]
Research Articles
JIANG Bing-bing, WANG Cui-cui, GUO Cun-wu, WANG Jin-rong, LI Hui, MA Zhan-hong
The genetic structure of wheat stripe rust pathogen Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici from geographical subpopulations in Yunnan Province
2022,Vol.49(2):471.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3207k)]
WANG Ru-feng, CHEN Jiang-feng, LIN Ding-shan, YUN Ying-zi, WANG Zong-hua, TANG Yu
Biological function of transcription factor FolMsn2 in fungal plant pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici
2022,Vol.49(2):486.  [Abstract]  [PDF (19943k)]
FANG Xin, WANG Fei-fei, FAN Zhong-yue, WANG Shuang, LIU Xin, XU Jian-hong, SHI Jian-rong
FgLEU1 is crucial for leucine biosynthesis, virulence and DON production in fungal pathogen Fusarium graminearum
2022,Vol.49(2):497.  [Abstract]  [PDF (24178k)]
JIANG Jun-mei, DU Qiao-li, CHEN Mei-qing, YAN Yun-long, XIE Xin, LI Xiang-yang
Expression and purification of potato Y virus coat protein and screening of crystallization conditions
2022,Vol.49(2):508.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2258k)]
GAO Yan-ling, FAN Guo-quan, CHENG Sheng-qun, ZHANG Wei, QIU Cai-ling, SHEN Yu, NIE Xian-zhou, BAI Yan-ju, LU: Wen-he
Development and application of RT-PCR and RT-qPCR for detection of alfalfa mosaic virus
2022,Vol.49(2):515.  [Abstract]  [PDF (4912k)]
ZHAO Qian, LI Jun-min, LEI Ting, WANG Jing, CAI Xian-jie
Screening, identification and evaluation of acidophilic Bacillus subtilis CLB-17 for biocontrol of Ralstonia solanacearum causing tobacco wilt
2022,Vol.49(2):528.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3469k)]
SHI Niu-niu, RUAN Hong-chun, JIE Yu-lin, CHEN Fu-ru, DU Yi-xin
Isolation and identification of Colletotrichum species associated with soybean anthracnose in Fujian Province
2022,Vol.49(2):539.  [Abstract]  [PDF (23965k)]
KANG Bao-shan, DUAN Man-man, PENG Bin, LI Chao-han, WU Hui-jie, GU Wei-hong, GU Qin-sheng
Evaluation of watermelon seedlings for resistance to bacterial fruit blotch pathogen Acidovorax citrulli
2022,Vol.49(2):547.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1615k)]
LIU Wan-you, LU: Shi-jie, SUN Xue-mei, DONG Bao-zhu, ZHOU Hong-you, ZHANG Xiao-yu
Factors affecting occurrence of oat leaf spot in Inner Mongolia
2022,Vol.49(2):553.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1400k)]
LI Yong-ping, DU Guang-zu, XU Tian-mei, YANG Hang, YANG Jin-bo, ZHANG Ting-fa, YI Xiao-guang, CHEN Bin
Diversity of intestinal and fecal bacteria in fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda larvae from different altitudes of Yunnan Province
2022,Vol.49(2):559.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2680k)]
ZHANG Shan-shan, JIA Yuan-hong, LI Jin-yang, LIN Jun-han, YOU Min-sheng, XIA Xiao-feng
Cloning and functional characterization of Toll-6 gene in the diamond back moth Plutella xylostella
2022,Vol.49(2):574.  [Abstract]  [PDF (14769k)]
XIE Wen, ZHI Jun-rui, HOU Xiao-lin, LIU Li
The biochemical mechanism of the short-term adaptation of western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis to the broad bean, the non-favorite host plant
2022,Vol.49(2):587.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1675k)]
HUANG Ai-ling, WANG Xiao-yun, LU Wen, ZHENG Xia-lin
Ovipositional preference of oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis to different host fruits and its correlation with physical and chemical properties of host fruits
2022,Vol.49(2):595.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1748k)]
WANG Ya-li, ZHAO Rui, WANG Mei, ZHANG Xiao-chen, YAN Jing-jing, LI Rui
Cloning and expression analysis of cytochrome P450 gene PaCYP3001U16 in a wolf spider Pardosa astrigera
2022,Vol.49(2):603.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1971k)]
DONG Song, LU Zeng-bin, LI Li-li, ZHU Jun-sheng, GUAN Xiu-min, MEN Xing-yuan
Life tables of the invasive insect pest fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda feeding on seven crops
2022,Vol.49(2):612.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1946k)]
HE Juan, SHI Xiao-fei, CHEN Wei
Effects of four different magnetic radiations on growth, development and population parameters of green peach aphid Myzus persicae
2022,Vol.49(2):620.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2021k)]
ZHOU Jun-hui, XU Teng, LI Peng-lei, HUANG Jian, WANG Zhu-hong
Effects of Diaphorina citri feeding on the growth and development and population parameters of Cheilomenes sexmaculata and Propylea japonica based on two-sex life tables
2022,Vol.49(2):629.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2098k)]
XIONG Bo, LI Zhuo-jun, TANG Run-xuan, LIU Xiao-xia, MAO Gang, LI Zhen
Impacts of high temperature on the development and parasitic capacity of pine caterpillar miunte egg parasite Trichogramma dendrolimi
2022,Vol.49(2):637.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1729k)]
LUO Li-lin, YANG Guang-ming, LONG Li-yan, WANG Xing-hong, HUANG Zhen-xing, YI Tian-ci, LUO Xue-dan, LIU Man
Effects of temperature on the development and reproduction of the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella
2022,Vol.49(2):644.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1584k)]
ZHAO Rui, WANG Ya-li, WANG Mei, ZHANG Xiao-chen, HAN Yuan-huai, LI Rui
Special feeding behavior and feeding preference of red bug Pyrrhocoris tibialis St?l
2022,Vol.49(2):654.  [Abstract]  [PDF (23279k)]
LI Kui, MA Xiao, WANG Zhi-min, QIAN Wei, MEI Jia-qin, TANG Qing-lin, WEI Da-yong
The mechanism of trichome resistance in wild Brassica oleracea to cabbage white butterfly Pieris rapae
2022,Vol.49(2):662.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2755k)]
SONG Cheng-fei, FENG Xue-meng, WANG Zhi-yu, YAN Xi-zhong, HAO Chi
Bioactivities of the essential oils derived from four species of non-host plants against diamondback moth Plutella xylostella
2022,Vol.49(2):671.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2089k)]
MA Ke, ZHAO Li-rong, ZHANG Li-guang, ZHANG Wei-li, LIANG Shu, YUAN Xiang-yang
Effects of bensulfuron-methyl on chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics and active oxygen scavenging system in foxtail millet leaves
2022,Vol.49(2):683.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2100k)]
Zhang Zheng, Bu Dexiao, Qiang Sheng
A field investigation of long-term weed control via different types of rice-aquaculture integrated cultivations
2022,Vol.49(2):693.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2161k)]
ZHANG Bo, HAN Hai-bin, XU Lin-bo, CHEN Guo-ze, LI Yan-ru, LIU Ai-ping
Metabolomic analysis of diapause-associated metabolites in tachinid parasite Exorista civilis based on liquid chromatograph mass spectrometry
2022,Vol.49(2):705.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1260k)]
JIANG Jian-jun, HUANG Li-fei, ZHANG Jin, WANG Feng-ying, CAO Xue-mei, YANG Lang
Identification of fruit flies Bactrocera cucurbitae and B. tau based on high-resolution melting technology
2022,Vol.49(2):707.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1455k)]
LI Xue-mei, HUANG Feng, SHANG Fang-ge, HE Shuai-jie, LIU Cheng-min, WU Gang
Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on the life history and population parameters of mustard aphid Lipaphis erysimi
2022,Vol.49(2):709.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1294k)]

2022,Vol.49(2):0.  [Abstract]  [PDF (81542k)]

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